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Asociation Work and Travel Interexchange, Au Pair

We are a humanitarian and comprehensive organization, which main objective is to work with young people with a low income allowing them to increase their employment and academic prospects through cultural interchange in a foreign country; for this, we rely on an excellent service portfolio and on a great working team that includes students, travelers, trainees and professionals from different social positions.

With our broad experience we will improve the life quality of Colombian young people, providing them the best tools to progress in a globalized world.



Even when The Work and Travel Association is a young organization, we rely o the experience in the application of exchange programs of our excellent staff; for example, Carlos Mauricio Vargas; The Cultural Director for the cultural exchange programs, was one of the first who started the Au Pair program in Colombia; throughout his numerous experiences he studied the many difficulties and disappointments of young people with a low income who wanted to make the dream of travelling abroad true and weren’t able to do it because of their economic situation, because of that, he decided to establish the Association together with Luz Marina Vargas, its current Director.